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Ken Still, Owner

If you are interested in having your residential driveway or small commercial property (less than 20,000 ft2) paved, expanded, or repaired then contact Asphalt Services for a free estimate today.

I believe in offering a quality product and making sure that you are satisfied with the work I have done. - Ken Still, Owner

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Quality and Integrity

I have been working and living in the Tri-Cities for over 27 years (since 1988) and paving for just under 40. In this line of work, quality and living up to your word are the only way to stay in business for any length of time. Asphalt is a highly visible product, bad construction or shoddy craftsmanship is visible to everyone. I take the time to make sure that when we pull away from your newly paved driveway or parking area, you are satisfied.


I do not advertise with television commercials or billboards, there is no sales team to maintain with commissions. This means that Asphalt Services has a lower total overhead and I pass these savings directly to you. The bid you receive from Asphalt Services will be competitive and reasonable. On any large expense, it just makes good sense to talk to several contractors. Find out how our prices compare to the competition.

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